The Association is organized as a representative democracy, thus each member and related organization can have an impact on its agenda, policies and programs.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets three times a year and is responsible for making policy decisions, amending the OMA Bylaws, electing new members and approving the annual operating budget.

Board Composition (each position has a corresponding alternate trustee unless otherwise noted)

  • Officers (no alternate) 
  • Executive Committee Members-at-Large (no alternate) 
  • Past Presidents (via approved petition submission – no alternate) 
  • OMA Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the AMA (no alternate) 
  • Specialty Societies (via approved petition submission) 
  • Active County Medical Society (one member for every 300 voting members of the OMA or major portion thereof; definition of “active”: collecting membership dues)
  • Section (one member for each: Alliance, Hospital and Health System Physician, IPA, Medical and PA Student, Physician Assistant, Resident and Rural Physician)
  • Young Physician 
  • Board Members-at-Large (10-20 members elected by the Board from nominees selected by the Speaker and Vice Speaker who submit a written statement of interest and who demonstrate interest and engagement in OMA activities, support the OMA mission and who reflect geographic, demographic and other diversity among the membership)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, consisting of the general officers and two member-at-large positions, meets ten times a year. Officers are elected annually by voting members (those in active practice, governmental services, residency/fellowship programs and life members).

The Executive Committee is responsible for hiring the executive vice president, maintaining the headquarters building, preparing the budget and overseeing financial transactions. It also makes interim policy decisions, subject to ratification by the Board of Trustees.

Committees and Sections

Committees and Sections develop the majority of OMA policy in reports and recommendations submitted to the Board of Trustees. Committee appointments are made annually by the president after soliciting suggestions and/or volunteers from the leadership and general membership.

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