What is OMPAC?

The Oregon Medical Political Action Committee is a bipartisan, voluntary, non-profit organization whose membership is open to all physicians, PAs, their spouses and others in the medical community.

OMPAC was organized in 1961 to encourage members of the medical profession to take a more active and organized part in governmental affairs. Physicians needed an organization through which they could participate more effectively in financially supporting political candidates who understand the interests of medicine. Additionally, OMPAC was created to provide a forum for educating its members about state and national political activities affecting medicine. OMPAC provides an effective way for members to become politically involved at both the state and national levels.

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How does OMPAC benefit me?

By joining with other physicians, PAs and alliance members, you create a constituency that represents your professional needs and concerns. Whether you are a solo practitioner, part of a group practice, or a clinician conducting medical research, you cannot afford to ignore the effect public policy makers have on the future of medicine. Regardless if the issue is tort reform legislation, expanded scope of practice of an alternative provider, or legislation recognizing the rights of hospital medical staffs, political and legislative action is where it all begins.

Specifically, OMPAC represents:

  • your professional self-interest in maintaining the quality of medical care and how it is practiced;
  • your responsibility to patient-advocacy in an effort to maintain a high standard of health care in Oregon; and,
  • the profession's interest in and need to foster an ongoing dialogue between medicine and public policy makers.

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How is OMPAC organized?

How is OMPAC organized?

A Board of Directors composed of OMA members.  Members of the board are approved annually by the OMA Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

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Why should I contribute to OMPAC?

Only through collective political action can we ensure that our lawmakers will hear the voice of medicine. These lawmakers are shaping the future of the medical profession and it is the professional responsibility of all members of the medical community to be involved in the political process.

The philosopher Plato said that "the punishment of wise men who refuse to take part in the affairs of government is to live under the government of unwise men."

The cost of your contribution to OMPAC is very small compared to the high cost of not having your views heard in the public policy arena. So support the organization that represents you -- contribute to OMPAC today!

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How does OMPAC decide which candidate to support?

The OMPAC board members carefully review candidates for public office and make their decisions on who to support based upon several different factors. The primary factors used to determine candidate support are:

  • input from local physicians, PAs and alliance members regarding the candidate's qualifications and background
  • analysis of previous election returns to determine the partisan strength of a particular district
  • input from the OMA lobbying staff regarding the candidate's previous support of OMA legislative objectives (this criteria is used only when one of the candidates is an incumbent)
  • candidate support is based upon the interest a candidate shares with medicine in providing a high quality of health care to Oregonians.

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Shouldn't I give directly to the candidate of my choice?

Yes, you should. But, don't overlook the greater impact that you gain by pooling resources with your colleagues for a concentrated campaign effect in key districts. OMPAC provides the mechanism for a well organized, effective effort that coordinates the overall collective interests of the medical profession in Oregon.

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What is the role of Medical Federation PACs?

OMPAC is one of many medical PAC's across the country. The federal medical PAC sponsored by the AMA is AMPAC. AMPAC participates only in federal elections for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. AMPAC, however, does not enter the field of political action in Oregon, except upon OMPAC's request and recommendation.

With the nationwide medical political action movement, doctors and their families have an influential voice in every state legislature and the U.S. Congress. It is the collective involvement of physicians and their families all across the country that makes the medical constituency so effective in political and legislative affairs.

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How do I join OMPAC?

Membership - $150
Alliance Membership - $40

Please make checks payable to OMPAC, 11740 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 100, Portland, Oregon, 97223-9038

If your practice is incorporated, OMPAC voluntary political contributions should be written on a personal check. Contributions are not limited to the suggested amount. The Oregon Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts of or failure to make PAC contributions. Copies of OMPAC reports are filed with the Federal Election Commission and are available for purchase from the Federal Election Commission, Washington, D.C. Contributions are subject to the limitations of FEC regulations, sections 110.1, 110.2, and 110.5. Contributions to OMPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. (Federal regulations require this notice.)

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For more information, call (503) 619-8000.

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