AMA Physician Family Day

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August 25, 2018 - 8:00am - 8:00pm

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AMA Physician Family Day


AMA Alliance Invites Medical Societies Nationwide to Celebrate First-Ever Physician Family Day
CHICAGO – To honor and recognize the nation’s physicians, the American Medical Association (AMA) Alliance invites medical societies from across the country to participate in Physician Family Day on Saturday, August 25. Established this year, Physician Family Day is a new effort by the AMA Alliance to bring awareness to physician burnout – while underscoring the need for self-care as a necessary part of caring for patients – and honor physicians for the value they bring to their communities.
“In every community of every size across the country, physicians play a critical role in ensuring the health and wellness of their neighbors. But against that backdrop, the question is: are physicians taking enough time to care for themselves?” said AMA Alliance President Kim Moser. “In addition to recognizing the contributions physicians make to their communities, Physician Family Day gives America’s doctors a chance to recharge and reconnect with their families. We urge state Medical Societies to partner with local physicians to build opportunities to re-engage and reconnect with colleagues, friends and families.”
There are numerous ways to commemorate Physician Family Day, and the AMA Alliance suggests the following ideas:
  • 5k family walk fundraiser
  • Family picnic or potluck
  • Wine tasting or other celebration with physician couples
  • Museum outing, local zoo or other organized family-friendly community event
  • Group exercise or cooking class
  • State or National park family outing, such as hiking or camping
The AMA strives to reduce physician burnout and help physicians cope with today’s challenges of providing quality patient care. With itstoolsinformation and resources developed to support the nation’s physicians in their profession – and with the AMA Alliance’s efforts to care and support the physician family – the AMA hopes to rekindle a joy in medicine.
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About the AMA Alliance
Established in 1922, the AMA Alliance is an affiliate of the AMA and the largest organization representing the physician family. Its nationwide network encompasses all stages of the physician family lifestyle, from the training years to retirement.

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