Community Health Coalitions

The OMA works closely with the following coalitions in its community health advocacy efforts. Click on a coalition's name to visit its website.

Alliance for Community Traffic Safety
The Mission of ACTS Oregon is to reduce fatalities, injuries and the severity of injuries resulting from vehicle crashes throughout Oregon. Its Vision is to motivate individuals and communities throughout Oregon to solve their traffic safety problems by providing resources, technical training and education.

Health Reform Collaborative
The Oregon Health Reform Collaborative is a group of over 25 organizations committed to creating solutions to Oregon's health care crisis. Representing providers, insurers, underserved populations, businesses, consumers, and faith-based communities, these groups together work on behalf of thousands of Oregonians.

Healthy Kids Learn Better
Healthy Kids Learn Better is a statewide effort to help local schools and communities form partnerships and reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning.

Human Services Coaliton of Oregon
The Human Services Coalition of Oregon is comprised of organizations and individuals whose purpose is to educate and advocate in the Oregon Legislature for vulnerable Oregonians.

Immunization Policy Advisory Team
The DHS Immunization Policy Advisory Team, as experts in immunization and/or policy fields, will advise the Immunization Program of the Oregon Department of Human Services on the development, prioritization and implementation of immunization policy issues.

Oregon Adult Immunization Coaliton
The Oregon Adult Immunization Coalition, a statewide network of health and community partners, will promote prevention and control of vaccine-preventable disease through immunization of adults in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Oregon Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
A Drug Endangered Children program is a multi-agency approach to assist and protect children whose lives, health, and safety are jeopardized by drug manufacture, drug dealing, or drug abuse in the family home. DEC is designed to provide a comprehensive response by coordinating the efforts of law enforcement, child protective services, prosecutors, and health professionals.

Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education
Oregon AWARE encourages the appropriate use of antibiotics and aims to reduce the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Oregon.

Oregon Asthma Program
The OAP is working to make sure that all Oregonians with asthma get quality medical care, and have the right information and skills to manage their disease.

Oregon Environmental Council
The OEC's mission is to bring Oregonians together for a healthy environment.

Oregon Health Care Volunteer Registry
The intent of the OHCV is to create a pool of volunteers who are potentially available to respond to national, state, and local disasters.

Oregon Nutrition Policy Alliance
The ONPA's mission is to increase awareness about the impact of nutrition on the health of Oregonians and to promote policy that creates a healthy, active Oregon.

Oregon Partnership for Cancer Control
The Partnership is a group of individuals and organizations with a commitment to reducing the burden of cancer in our state by enhancing cancer prevention activities, increasing equity in access to care, promoting research and awareness of cancer issues, and maximizing the quality of life for those affected by cancer.

Oregon Partnership to Immunize Children
OPIC facilitates the collaboration of public and private partners to protect Oregon's children against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Physical Education for All Kids
PEAK's mission is to promote quality physical education for all Oregon children.


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