Disaster Preparedness/Disaster Relief

OMA’s Role in Disaster Preparedness:

To create and foster the internal and external infrastructure through which the OMA can enhance physician preparedness and respond as an Association, if indicated, in an effective, coordinated, and transparent manner. The OMA will accomplish this task by:

  1. Networking with state and local disaster preparedness organizations and agencies.
  2. Supporting state and local agencies’ efforts to communicate with physicians before, during, and after a disaster with appropriate organizations and agencies.
  3. Informing and educating physicians on disaster-oriented medical care considerations.

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OMA Policy on Disaster Preparedness


OMA will work with Oregon Health Services on bioterrorism and public health preparedness issues.

OMA will promote educational opportunities for practicing physicians to become more knowledgeable about bioterrorism, other weapons of mass destruction, and how to work with the state’s public health system.

OMA will assist in developing communications systems to assist practicing physicians to respond to bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. (A-02)

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Disaster Preparedness Resources

State Resources

Federal Resources

Other Resources (International and National)

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