Medical-Legal Disclaimer

Legal counsel employed by the Oregon Medical Association may only provide formal legal representation to the Oregon Medical Association and may not provide such representation to any individual member of the association. Information provided by legal counsel to a member of the OMA or a person inquiring on behalf of a member is general information only and does not constitute formal legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney/client relationship with the member. Note: If you have an immediate question or issue that you need assistance with, please complete a Request for Review form in addition to this disclaimer.

I understand that any action taken pursuant to information provided by OMA legal counsel is pursuant to my own judgment or the judgment of others in my practice setting and not upon the formal advice of OMA legal counsel. I waive any cause of action against the OMA based on the information provided.

I have the authority to enter into binding agreements on behalf of the entity for which I am employed or otherwise associated.

v2 2016