Why Membership Matters

  • Advocacy on Critical Issues
    Access to quality health care, ensuring an adequate physician workforce, and improving Oregon’s practice climate through administrative simplification are some of OMA’s top concerns. 

          “OMA is the one, most credible voice for physicians in the state.”

  • Help For Your Practice
    OMA’s workshops and webinars, publications, and communities like the Practice Roundtable help members and their staff stay on top of evolving regulatory and compliance rules, medical-legal issues, and more. 
  • Personalized Guidance and Support
    OMA’s staff are available to answer member questions on issues ranging from coding problems to health plan reimbursement to legal concerns. Our advocacy saves time and money for individual members every year.

          “One call to the OMA saved my practice thousands of dollars – many times the cost of my annual

  • Commitment to Public Health
    OMA’s involvement in community and public health efforts is an important part of our mission and vision for a healthy Oregon. Addiction and mental health issues, childhood immunizations, health equity and health literacy are some of our top priorities.

Member Testimonials

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