OMA Committees

Volunteer Opportunities for OMA Members

Lend your voice and experience to the future of medicine in Oregon! By volunteering to serve on an OMA committee or panel of experts, you will help tackle tough issues ranging from health care finance to public health to legislative affairs and much more. The OMA offers a variety of ways in which to serve based on your area of interest and length of service. For those who are interested in a limited-duration opportunity focused around a single topic of interest, please consider signing up to be on a panel of experts that will address important issues as they arise. For a longer-term opportunity that will engage you more broadly in the OMA and our advocacy efforts, please consider joining one of our committees.

Please review the descriptions below to determine your interest in joining a committee or serving on a panel of experts. Then, please complete a Committee Interest Form and return it to the OMA. Members from anywhere in Oregon are welcome to participate in person or by phone. If you have questions about a particular committee, please feel free to contact the staff member(s) below. Once the invitation period has closed, the OMA President will review interest forms and appoint members to the committees, and a database of experts will be developed for addressing issues that may arise in the future. Thank you for your interest!



Meets: As Needed

This committee is responsible for convening the Loss Prevention Subcommittee, and the Institutional Accreditation Subcommittee.  Further, the Education Committee is responsible for aiding and collaborating with OMA staff in creating programming for the Annual General Membership Meeting, Fall Forum, and Day with the OMA and other events as needed.



Meets: At Least Twice Annually

This committee is responsible for surveys of institutions wishing to become accredited providers of CME or gain reaccreditation, and confers such status upon those qualified according to ACCME. Also helps to establish educational interventions for accredited CME programs as well as providing guidance for CME program staff.



Meets: Quarterly

This committee is charged to review the financial affairs of the OMA and formulate recommendations to the OMA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees to include but not be limited to:  proposed annual budget, budget modifications if revenue less than expected, budget for unbudgeted requests, recommendations on reserve policies,  recommendations on investment guidelines for OMA and subsidiary funds, oversight of employee pension program, oversight of annual audit including selection of auditor, oversight of the financial affairs of OMA subsidiary and affiliated organizations and recommendations of budget modifications based upon OMA mission, goals and priorities.



Meets: Quarterly/More Frequent during session

This committee is responsible for helping the OMA Government Relations staff develop and prioritize the OMA’s public policy agenda and coordinate quick and accurate responses to proposed legislation at the state and federal levels. The members of the Committee are part of a team that reviews relevant legislation and other requests to determine their impact on Oregon physicians.



Meets: Three to Four Times per Year

This committee's charge is to provide input and recommendations around various membership issues from a member perspective, and to assist the Board of Trustees and staff in meeting the short and long term strategic objectives for membership growth and services.


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE (Although there are no openings for the coming term, we encourage you to register your interest in the event there may be an opening mid-year)

Meets: Three to Four Times per Year

The Governance Committee is generally responsible for the structural oversight of the policy-making and governance process at OMA. This work includes the review and recommendations for the Board of Trustees of policy resolutions as well as review and development of governance operational procedures including the bylaws. The Committee is authorized to form subcommittees that will perform necessary governance functions including periodic review and recommendations of bylaws changes, regular reference and resolution work including the ability to use a reference subcommittee, annual review of published OMA policy in both Where We Stand and Where We Stood, and review of issues related to membership and ethics in OMA.


POLICY COMMITTEE (Although there are no openings for the coming term, we encourage you to register your interest in the event there may be an opening mid-year)

Meets: Three to Four Times per Year

The Policy Committee is generally responsible for the oversight of the study and development of proposed OMA health care policies in response to actions of the Board of Trustees or the needs of the membership. This work includes detailed research and development of proposed subject matter policy that supports the interests of OMA members and improves the overall practice of medicine in Oregon. The Committee is authorized to form short term subject matter focused subcommittees or workgroups and recommend member appointments to those subcommittees with the advice and consent of the President. Committee and subcommittee members may be called upon by OMA to act as subject matter experts in government and practice advocacy work on behalf of the membership. Topics of discussion may include healthcare access, finance, workforce, community health, liability, opioids and maintenance of certification.



Meets: As needed  /  Staff Contacts will be determined based upon the issue to be addressed

Become part of a panel of expert leaders on policy or governance issues for future issue-based, limited duration work groups. Please indicate your areas of interest, and the OMA will contact you when there is a need for a task force to address the issue or issues.




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