Rural Health

The Rural Health Section was established at the January 2012 Board of Trustees meeting in recognition that rural physicians are not adequately represented by existing component and specialty societies within the OMA.

Becoming a member of the Rural Health Section gives you a voice with OMA leadership and staff about what it means to practice as a rural physician. The Rural Health Section will develop its own charter and elect a trustee to serve as a voting member on the OMA Board of Trustees. Your section will help create poilcy that makes a difference in the issues that matter most to rural practitioners. Your input is critical to identifying these issues and ensuring that rural interests are adequately represented to OMA leaderhsip, your peers and in OMA legislative and advocacy efforts. 

Interested in Joining?

The OMA recognizes National Rural Health Day. Our Rural Health Section is intended to gather OMA members working in the rural parts of Oregon to help shape the health care policy that impacts them. Interested in getting involved? Submit a Committee/Section Interest Form.

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