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Every day, Oregon’s health community – doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and personnel in hospitals, insurance companies, and a wide range of other organizations – show their commitment to a healthier Oregon. Today is the day to invest in the next generation of Oregon’s doctors and physician assistants.

Give today to make a difference for Oregon’s next generation of physicians and physician assistants and ensure a healthy future for Oregon. Donate Online >

At the OMA, we are committed to supporting the next generation: those who will continue the work we’ve begun to make Oregon a vibrant and healthy place to live and provide the highest quality health care in the nation.

“Today’s medical students are passionate and committed, just as I was 35 years ago. Costs have skyrocketed, and debt limits career choices. That’s why I’m stepping up to donate to the OMA Medical Scholarship Fund: I want to help the next generation of doctors succeed in their careers of choice.”

– William C. “Bud” Pierce, MD, PhD
  OMA President 2012–2013


Support Oregon’s Exceptional Medical Students

From four nationally recognized medical programs, Oregon graduates a growing number of highly-qualified physicians and physician assistants each year.

For today’s medical students, the future looks different. Students have not changed, times have changed.

The rising costs of medical school education mean the majority of students are graduating with crushing debt. All too often, debt becomes the deciding factor in selecting a medical specialty and practice location.

Passion and competencies – not debt – should be the deciding factor in a graduate’s career choice. 

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