Litigation Stress Program

Being sued feels personal. Even if the lawsuit is dismissed or is settled before trial, physicians who are sued often go through significant stress, anxiety and self-doubt. Often, because they are told not to discuss the case with anyone, they also feel very isolated and alone. You are not alone. The OMA is here to help physicians with our Litigation Stress Program.


Physician Support

The OMA has a panel of physicians who have been sued, survived the experience, and are available to support other physicians now facing a lawsuit. Call a physician who has been through it. Talk it through, share your concerns, and learn from others’ experience. You don’t have to go it alone.

How it works:

When a suit is filed or you are worried you might be sued, call the OMA to connect you with a participating physician. You will hear from a physician who has been through this and is ready to listen and talk with you about your concerns, support you in managing your stress as you progress through a lawsuit, and help you understand what you can expect. These conversations are confidential and details of your case will not be discussed. Our supporting physicians are simply here to help you.


To learn more about the OMA Litigation Stress Program, and to access these services, contact the OMA at (503) 619-8000.


FAQs from the OMB, from Oregon Medical Board Report, Volume 124, No. 2, Spring 2013.

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